Hyperlink in an iPad

Instead of pasting long URLs in an email message, I prefer to use a one-word hyperlink. In the Gmail app on my Mac it is easy to create a hyperlink. But to create one in an iPad is a bit more cumbersome, but manageable. If you would like to try it, here's how: As an example, if I wanted to direct you to an article in Time Magazine, I could list the following hyperlink: http://time.com/4229601/real-reason-apple-is-fighting-the-fbi/?xid=homepage

Or, I could direct you here

Looks cleaner, doesn't it? To get the hyperlink, just type a word in the middle of the long URL. I typed "here" (sans '' marks). Then, just delete all characters to the right and left of the word you inserted. What remains is a hyperlink.

A bit more work, yes, but cleaner looking.

Jim Hamm