How to Securely Set Up Your New Mac

       Jim Hamm has found an article for you or your friend who's getting a new Mac.  He says, " Here's an article from Intego with some useful hints on setting up a new Mac. 
        One of the suggestions is to install an anti-virus program, which I think is a good idea. Naturally the article recommends VirusBarrier, which costs money. I use Avast, which is free and a decent anti-virus program. I realize Macs haven't been hit by malware frequently in the past, but I don't see a downside to using a free AV program such as Avast. Maybe it will help me someday.

      "Another tip mentioned — particularly for laptops — is install a program, such as GadgetTrak, to try and track your laptop should it be stolen. Here is a review of other such programs."