How to Save Your Emails

        Is it magic?  No, it's just Mac.  Allen Laudenslager points out a very handy feature of Mail.  "I sometimes need to save my emails in a form that I can use later. Using Apple Mail this is dead simple. I just open the email and go to File >  Print. In the bottom left hand corner of the print box is a button called PDF that allows me to save the email as a PDF file that I can send as an attachment to another email or print at a later date. Works exactly the same way in Google mail since both Safari and Firefox end up at the same print box with the same features.
        "Where this really comes in handy is paying bills on line. Most sites have a Print Receipt feature (you may have to hunt around a cluttered page to find it, though) that ends up in the same print box. I save the receipt as a PDF file in a special folder called 'Bills paid online' and when/if I need to prove I paid the bill I can just email the receipt.
        "If the particular business doesn't have a 'print a receipt' feature, all the businesses I pay on line do have a page that shows the payment, so I just print that web page using the same steps.
        "If you've been afraid to pay on line because you need that receipt, here is a way to get the convenience of paying on line and the security of a hard copy receipt."