How to Check It Out

        With scams and suspicious things in the news we can thank Art Gorski for passing along his experience.  He writes, "Just yesterday I got an email from PayPal asking me to agree to a new set of terms and conditions to continue to have a PayPal account.
        "If I didn't have a PayPal account this would obviously be spam I could just delete. However, I do have a PayPal account.
        "This could still be an attempt to lure me into trouble, so I carefully examined the email. The Reply-To address looked OK, it ended in '' and not in something dangerous like '' I used the 'View > Message' menu in Mail to show the message as 'Raw Source.' This makes it thoroughly ugly, but will reveal all the website links hidden in the message as they really are. All of these looked OK.
        "But still, I'm paranoid about 'social engineering' scams that try to get you to give up your username and password, and PayPal is a potentially very damaging one if you lose your credentials to a hacker.
        "So in the end, I trashed the email and just used my normal Safari bookmark to log in to PayPal. Sure enough, the website asked me immediately to agree to new terms and conditions, so I handled it from there, since I knew it was safe to do so."