How the Internet Works

        In only 3:22 minutes you can see how the Internet works, thanks to a youtube video sent to us from Jim Hamm.  His comments:  "You may have already seen this video of a simple explanation of how the Internet works. If you haven't seen it, take a look, it's very interesting.
        "Some amazing attributes of the Internet to consider. Probably most of us just take it for granted, and don't appreciate that it works, that it's free, and it's fast. You send out a request to view a web page, and that simple request goes thousands of miles to a server located somewhere far away, and the answer comes back in thousands of packets before they're finally put back together and shown on your computer screen -- all in about a second!. 
        "To me, it's simply amazing that somehow the packets can all be put back together again. And remember, that request is moving close to the speed of light, which is about 186,000 miles per second!" 
        Jim's summary: "Just think, on your computer screen those pictures you're looking at, the video you're watching, the music you're listening to, the text you're reading -- all comprised of zeros and ones -- that's what your computer recognizes. Yes, the Internet and computers are simply amazing."  

        When this website comes up note the name of the company, upper left under the title.  You can subscribe to this company's postings.  Next to that says, "63 videos" and you can view their pictorial listings.