How Long Will SSD Drives Last?

        "Here's an interesting article speculating on a 'bleak' future for SSD drives. The article assumes that SSD cells will continue to shrink in size, from the present 25nm to perhaps 6.5nm in 2024, with an inherent increase in errors.  There's some interesting comments following the article you might also take a look at."  
        After pointing us to this article, Jim Hamm goes on to give some personal information and opinion.  "I've got two laptops with SSD drives (a MacBook Air and a ThinkPad), and I certainly like them -- not necessarily because they're faster than a spinning drive -- but because I don't have to worry about 'jiggling' the computers when moving them around, and SSDs make for good traveling computers.
        "I've never had a problem with a spinning drive on any of the computers I've owned, and I think they're fine. In fact, I recently bought a nine-year-old iMac G4, which has seen a lot of use, and still works well, albeit slower, with a spinning drive.  Why did I do this? I like the looks of the iMac G4, and compare the idea to someone buying a '57 Chevy. May not make practical sense, but conceptually/emotionally satisfying."