Have You Seen a 3-D Printer?

        "3D Printers! Wonderful technology! The PC club had a short presentation on this last month. They didn’t cover much," and this starts John Carter on an interesting discussion.  

        "There’s no way I would bother with this yet. The cost of the 'ink' (plastic) is still quite high and what ones needs to be able to do in order to create their own 3D model of something is way beyond my pay grade. In order to purchase a 3D model of something, I’m sure the cost would also be quite high." 
        Now, there's some costs to consider.  John explains, "If one cartridge prints 14 objects and each cartridge costs $50, that’s $3.57 per object. You can go to the Dollar store and get the same thing for $1 (if they have it). But what if there’s only enough plastic in one new cartridge to print one complicated object? Now we’re talking big bucks!
        "But wait! I remember the time when a new computer and printer combo cost me around $3,000! And all I wanted to do was print a few photos (at a cost of nearly $2 each).
        "But wait! I paid more than that for my old 17” laptop!
        "Argh! Even all my telescopes, cameras, and observatory combined cost thousands of dollars more!"
        So, is that all John has to say?  "Okay, maybe I’ll get one. It will make a good conversation piece on my coffee table.
        "Someday I’ll get tired of making plastic goodies no bigger than 5.25 cu. in. and only in one color and want to make something bigger, like a large vase or a set of china, or maybe I’ll want something in metal. Wait a minute! I can print one of those stainless steel forks that I lost! And I need another sharp knife! How about a new diamond tip drill bit? Maybe even a whole new drill? In full color, too, please.
        "I think I’ll wait until they figure out how to fabricate food at low cost in a 3D printer. That will be something worthwhile. Yum! One banana split coming up! Don’t laugh! It’s coming!"
        The website that started this conversation is here.  Take a look and see what you think of this invention  http://www.hammacher.com/Product/82332?promo=search