Have a Solution for iMovie?

With iLife 8 on David Passell's Mac, purchased 1-08, he has the latest version of iMovie '08. He's found a problem with trying to get the previous iMovie HD6. This is the version that Bill Williamson demonstrated at our PMUG meeting last week.

Can anyone help? Read on. . .

" A couple of people in the last Mac Meeting said that I can get iMovie HD 6 by 'simply' going to the Apple site and downloading it. It has not turned out to be that simple.

"First: I went to the Apple Site to downloads, and I found iMovie HD 6.0.3 (I never found iMovie HD 6.0.4 which is supposed to be the latest) and I downloaded its .dmg. When I tried to install, red exclamation points and a dialog told me that I needed HD 6.0.2.

"Next: I went back to the Apple Site and downloaded 6.0.2. When I tried to install that package a similar indication told me I needed version 6.0. No version 6 is available. That is probably because it must have been purchased with an earlier system. That is similar to the 8.1 upgrade which actually is for those who have purchased iLife 09. (You don't find out about this until you try to install it and dialog says 'it is unnecessary.'

"I also looked on my installation disks that came with the Mini. I did not find it.

"So I am stuck. It does not appear that Apple provides this 'downgrade' in a transparent fashion. Does anybody have a solution for this? Perhaps somebody will provide a download for it. Regards: David"