Google Drive for the Mac

How would you like to have available 15 GB of free 'Cloud' storage on your Mac? If that might be of interest, here is an article with more information on Google Drive. Of course, you're probably already using Apple's iCloud, which provides 5 GB of free 'Cloud' storage. If you haven't installed the app yet, here is an article on how to set iCloud up.

Now, perhaps you, like me, may be a bit confused as to the difference between Apple's iCloud and iCloud Drive. Here and here are two articles you might read for a better understanding between the two.

And, of course, you have Time Machine for backups -- and you're using it, aren't you? And, to be really safe, you could do a complete image, bootable, backup of your hard drive, using an app such as SuperDuper (info here). You download all the items on your computer's hard drive onto an external hard drive. I have used SuperDuper for years but, fortunately, have never had to use it. This is somewhat akin, I suppose, to buying a Life Insurance policy and hope you never use it.

The above will give you some food for thought on places where to safely store your computer "stuff".

Jim Hamm