Free Old Macs

This just in: David Passell informs us, "I was a Computime yesterday (08/27/09) and they have five G4 Macs and three very old iMACS (no firewire and difficult memory and HD change). They also have the old blue-white monitors; very large and heavy. They were from a school.

"The G4s may not have RAM. The name plate states 400MHz, 128 MB sdram, 10GB HD/Zip/DVD. Copyright 2000. They have 2 firewire and two USB (probably 1.1) ports plus VGA.

"They will give them away to anyone who is interested. I only had room for a usb mac keyboard:). I think they have several of those too. There is another party who recycles PCs who is interested in them only for their HDs."