Fixing Those Forwards

        Do you get email forwards with a long stripe down the left side?  Do you send on those forwards looking like that?   John Carter can help you fix the forwards.  Here's his advice:
        "This is just a portion of email netiquette concerning forwarding email. The following tip works for Mac Mail.
        "When you forward email, the outgoing mail will have a vertical line on the left margin. Like this:

It's okay to have a vertical line if you intend to let the reader know you didn't create that text (you're quoting the other person). In that case, you should precede that text with a note identifying the originator or just to add a personal note of your own so the reader gets a clear impression you are alive and that the email isn't just automated.
        "If you want to get rid of the vertical line, do the following:
1. Highlight all the text with the vertical line on the left margin.
2. Press Cmd ] (hold down the Command key and tap the right square bracket). This forces a shift to the right of all the highlighted text.
3. Now press Cmd [ (Command and left square bracket) twice. The first time you do it makes the vertical line disappear. The second time forces a shift to the left of all the highlighted text goes back to the left margin.
        "If you have multiple vertical lines in the margin, you have to press Cmd [ for each vertical line.
        "Now, if you want a vertical line in the margin, highlight the text and press Cmd ' (Command and single-quote). This is also known as quoting the text.
        "If you just want to indent something, highlight the text and press Cmd ].
        "When you forward a forwarded email, you're adding one to the number of vertical lines already in the message, and it starts to get ugly to read. In that case, you would be doing the reader a favor by eliminating all the vertical lines before sending it off."
        John's closing admonition:  "For a full course on email netiquette, Google 'email netiquette.'"