Fix Those Photos

         Got telephone poles, fire hydrants, dogs, trash, etc. in your photos?  John Carter describes a slight miracle -- how to remove them.  Read on:  "Photoshop 9 came out with a very nice feature called Content-Aware Fill."
        "Well, GIMP had that feature a long time ago. It is a plug-in called Resynthesizer. It takes a little more fiddling with than the Photoshop equivalent, but the results are exactly the same. The tutorial on how to use Resynthesizer is here.   Installing the plug-in in the Mac may not seem straightforward, so I’ll go through the steps.
    1. Download the plug-in . . .  found in your Downloads folder with the name resynthesizer.tar or resynthesizer.tar.gz. If the latter, double-click on it to convert it to the former.
    2. Double-click on the file resynthesizer.tar. It will create a new folder in the same location with the name resynthesizer.
    3. Copy the contents of that folder to ~/Library/Application Support/Gimp/plug-ins/ (the ~/Library folder is hidden in Lion, so you will have to make it visible by using Go->Go to folder (Finder hotkey: Shift-Command-G) and selecting ~/Library).
    4. Start up GIMP.
    5. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to use Resynthesizer.
          Is that all, you ask?  No, John Carter wants to add this info: "Just when you think Photoshop has it all, GIMP shows up with yet another feature buried in the works that puts it right up there with Photoshop. Starting with CS4, you get this really neat feature in the Content-Aware Scale tool where you can squeeze two people together in a scene or pull them apart.
        "When you install GIMP for Mac, that feature is also there, but renamed as Liquid Rescale and buried at the bottom of the Layer menu. Get the details on how to use Liquid Rescale at the Digital Photography School here. You will also find a link there to the author’s tip on how to do the same thing in CS4/5."