Finding a Virus

        David Passell tells about some virus precautions.  He begins, "Thanks to Allen Laudenslager for info on ClamXav (CXA) ( posted on this newsblog on June 11)."  David explains the procedure he followed.
        "You are right in that some things aren't obvious in the setup. I find it difficult after following instructions, etc. to recall exactly what I did, however:
1. You should create a folder on your desktop and name it something like 'quarantined stuff.'
2. After you get CXA installed, you may be asked to update virus definitions. You should do this and note the small progress bar on the bottom of the screen. The process will take several minutes.
3. Go to preferences > quarantine > select quarantine file.
4. When a list of files opens, navigate to your desktop and select 'quarantined stuff.'
5. Now you are ready to do a scan.
6. In the left hand pane (source list) I found my user home at the top so I selected it and ran it.
7. My most recent scan yielded the following. Please note that second item. That is the E-mail from Dorothy Gonzales that came to the board yesterday.  (Double click to enlarge this screen shot)

8. The zip attachment contains a .exe which will run on XP. It's antivirus spotted it (I won't go into details on that since not everyone will be running a Windows program in Parallels).
9. If you open your folder 'quarantined stuff' you will see them there. I move them to the trash and 'secure erase' them.
        "That is about it for my initial stumbling about. I'm sure there are a lot more features that I may be missing. I ran it yesterday and found some other viruses, a couple going back to 2006. They all seemed to be related to mbox."