Find That Word Fast

        Need a quick definition?  Ruth Davis from Phoenix who spoke to PMUG awhile back gives this tip:  Hold down the Command and Control keys and type the letter D.  Move your mouse then on top of the word.  The definition comes up as a pop-up menu.  This works in Mail, Safari, Pages -- but not in Word, Firefox and other non-Apple products.  Ruth sends out a "tip of the week" here.
        Here's something to try. I use it with Pages, and my trusty little Belkin mouse gives other helps.  Highlight a word, right-click and up comes a menu of choices: never hyphenate, cut, copy,paste, paste and match style, delete, select all, create new paragraph style from selection, spelling, proofreading, font, speech, and writing tools which lists Dictionary, Thesaurus, Search Spotlight, Google, Wikipedia, & Show Statistics.