eBay Scam Described

        Of course, we want to be alert and aware.  Jim Hamm sends this:  "A member of a forum I belong to just posted the following note about an eBay scam. Another member mentioned that PayPal usually takes the side of the buyer, so this guy, hopefully, will get his money back. Just passing it on FYI, as there's always a risk when buying something from eBay, or, for that matter, on the internet." 

        And here's the info Jim copies for us:  "I have just been scammed by an eBay seller, and pass this along for what it's worth. I paid for a MacBook via PayPal, but the seller apparently sent it (or more likely a phone book) to a different address in my city. This results in a 'it was delivered' receipt by the post office. The scammer wanted that because my protest and demand for a refund will look weaker if they have a 'it was delivered' receipt.
        "Fortunately, the scammer didn't know that the post office keeps a copy of the deliver label, and the delivered address (neither of which are mine of course), and they will have a hard time explaining 'Your item was delivered to the front desk or reception area at 2:24 pm on June 2, 2015 in MARINA, CA 93933.'
        "I don't have a front desk nor a reception area in my little houseā€¦  Beware folks. The world is full of crooks. (I'll let you know if eBay's guarantee refunds my $$$ as it should.)"