Dropbox Basics, Plus

        Even if you’re not using Dropbox yet here is information to read and bookmark. The Macworld staff received 250 suggestions, and pruned them down to the sixty favorites, adding two of their own. At the end of the article they outline 3 things NOT to do with Dropbox.
        Our Prez Art Gorski says, "I read this article when it came out in Macworld magazine and I use many of these tips myself. Dropbox currently has some minor problems in Lion that they are working on to fix."
     And, here it is!  Art informs us now:  "Dropbox has released a new version compatible with Lion. Tips: Use the Dropbox menu to quit Dropbox before attempting to install the new version, otherwise you will be told the file is busy. Don't forget to relaunch Dropbox after installation."  Here's that link; note you can view a video to learn about it.
        Previous Prez Allen Laudenslager writes,"I hadn’t even heard of Dropbox . . ."
        Jim Hamm tells us, “A good article that I'll keep and read and try out the different uses. I use DropBox all the time, but basically I use it just to transfer files between my old MacBook Pro and my new MacBook Air.  My MBP doesn't have AirDrop like my new Air does, otherwise I'd use AirDrop to transfer files.  Other people use DropBox as a storage device, but I don't. As I experiment with the different uses if I come up with some useful comments I'll let you know.”