Discovering Cable Modem Speeds

What's the speed of your Internet connection? Art Gorski sends us an interesting tidbit this morning.

"I discovered this weekend that Cableone has increased their cable modem speeds. This is a stealth upgrade. They will not increase your speed unless you call them (928-445-4511). My 3Mbps cable modem is now 5Mbps at the same cost. Don't look at what folks in the Big City get or you will be depressed, but it's a positive move for those of us in the Sticks."

You can run a test, "How Fat is Your Pipe?" at to arrive at your Internet download and upload speeds, bandwidth, VoIP test, and a comparison chart of broadband services.

Then you might want to see if there are any upgrades in your area. If you're an "old" subscriber there may be improvements now available.