Deadline for Password Change

         Commspeed emailed a notice yesterday that on March 1 you’ll lose access to your email account if you have not changed your password by then.  It specified the tougher rules for an acceptable password. 
(So, how’s YOUR password?  Still easy to type in, easy to guess?  Time to toughen it up!  Before you face a deadline from your email provider you might consider a longer, trickier password and fiddle with it now. )
OK, try not to panic.  Phone and ask the tech if it is a genuine email from them.  OK, now dream up a new password, and try and try and try to get it set up online. It won’t go through.  Maybe they’re too busy over there?  Do I have to allow cookies?  What else? 
Three phone calls later, and looking for success soon, it finally worked.  
Look at Mail Preferences and see your account info, mailbox behaviors, and advance settings.  

        Mail  > Window > Connection Doctor shows the connection status.  Why does the drawer show notations in that impossible-to-read  Party Let font?   So, that's it for now.