Car Hacking

        "Here is an article about yet another hacking attack,"  yes, Jim Hamm gets our attention!  He continues, "This time on a car! Now this isn't something you or I need to be worried about at this time, but it does make one wonder. What if your car was hacked, engine turned off, and held for ransom? Admittedly, not a likely scenario, but possible.
        "One item the article mentioned, which I hadn't thought much about, is your car may communicate with your dealer and monitor when your next oil change or service is due. Both our cars do this, and we'll get an alert on our car's dash when an oil change is due. So our cars are periodically checking back with 'home base'. This is very similar to what most of the programs do on your computer -- they all want to check 'home' and see is an update is available."
        And Jim is closing with this thought, "Driverless cars, hacking cars, electric cars -- it's an interesting time we live in."