Bose in-ear Headphones

For your possible interest, Best Buy is having a sale on Bose in-ear headphones. Regular $99 for just $40. See here. I picked up a set yesterday at a local Best Buy store. They work fine, and seem to be reasonably comfortable. I listened to music from my iPhone with them last eve, and they worked well. This particular model is not noise-canceling, but since it is Bose, it is of high quality (in theory, anyway). I also have Bose over-ear, noise-cancelling, headphones, and they are wonderful. But big, slightly heavy, and not easy to travel with. The small, in-ear, Bose SoundSport headphones will be nice for traveling. In my opinion, these headphones are worth $40, but I wouldn't pay $99 for them. I like to listen to music, and these will be handy for me. They will work with any device that uses a standard sound jack.

I'm just passing this on in case you might have a need and interest in a decent in-ear headphone. Unfortunately, I'm not on a commission basis with Best Buy. Some user reviews are available on the Best Buy link shown above.

Jim Hamm