Awarding Certificates for 2012 to . . .

       Picture four blue-bordered certificates printed with fancy fonts.  Each is a "Certificate for Contributions to PMUG in 2012," and were to be officially handed out at our December meeting today.  Now, they'll be given out by Prez Art Gorski at the January meeting.
        Let's hear a drum roll and applause for the following.  Number 4 is David Passell who sent in 17 articles for this newsblog.  Number 3 is Art Gorski who sent in 24 articles.  Number 2 is John Carter who sent in 71 articles.  And, guess who is #1.  That's Jim Hamm who contributed 189 !!!! articles during 2012.
       Others who sent in several, or at least one apiece: Allen Laudenslager, Amy Snyder, Ward Stanke, Ginger Carlson, Bobbie Pastor, Howard LaPittus, Bob Hale who is a former Prez, Martyn Arnold, and Mary Ann Clark. 
     Obviously, this newsblog exists to share info.  Thanks to everyone who contributes, and thanks to everyone who reads this blog.  Pass the URL along to your friends, Mac & PC alike.  Learning to do new things can be challenging and fun!