Author Mode, User Mode: Blog Views

To view a browser's text and images of a blog without colors was the challenge that David Passell recently experimented with, and he reports here.

"Both Firefox and Opera have a means of displaying the text and images of a blog without colors. I couldn't find an equivalent for Safari. Only Opera, though, provides something that could be printed in black/white.

"In Opera: on bar just above the main page there is a button titled 'Author Mode.' If you click it the button changes to 'User Mode.' All the formatting disappears and all information on the blog is displayed. Even things that are hidden show up. It can be printed as displayed. I prefer to print/save as a PDF first though."

He sends a screen shot of our blog from Opera Browser "User Mode." Double click to enlarge.

He says, "I know of no equivalent feature in Safari. The Firefox view 'No Style' Option doesn't come close and is not suitable for printout.

David concludes, "In the styled (Firefox) or author (Opera) the blog looks the same as Safari. It is the No Style or User Mode that looks different."