ATM - not all good.

Jim Hamm reminds us, "if you travel, and particularly overseas, you probably use an ATM machine. Well, beware, because tech thieves are now focusing their malware efforts on ATM machines. Read the article here.
"When we travel and need to use an ATM, we try to do so only at a bank, and only during business hours. One time, some years ago, an ATM grabbed Zee's card and wouldn't return it. Fortunately, it was at a bank, the bank was open, and Zee got her ATM card back. A few tense moments, though, before the bank returned her card. We're not sure what happened. Perhaps an incorrect PIN entered?
"Anyway, if it's electronic -- whether it is your computer, the internet, an ATM, or? -- you can bet malware thieves are looking at it and wondering how they can get ahold of some your money....Jim"