Apple's Shareholder Meeting

       Keeping an eye out for the latest Apple news Jim Hamm reports, "Here's some of Tim Cook's comments at the Apple shareholder meeting on February 27. One of the attributes of being a publicly held company is that most shareholders are focused on short-term results -- e.g., what did you do for me today? Why is the stock price declining today? Why aren't you paying out that cash you've got as a dividend today?

        "A good management team, such as Cook and his team seem to be, focuses on the long term. They aren't, and shouldn't be, concerned or focused on what 'Wall Street' expects earnings to be the next quarter, etc.
        "Concern was expressed, as you would expect, about the fall in the Apple stock price. There are methods to calculate whether a stock might have been overpriced, and perhaps Apple was.  I didn't bother doing any calculations since to see how unrealistic, if at all, Apple's stock price was since I don't own any Apple stock."