Apple is Doing Well!

        Interesting charts and comparisons show how well Apple is doing these days.  Jim Hamm writes, "Here's one company's (Trefis) estimate of how Apple's products affect its stock price. It's interesting to note that the iPhone's impact is over 50% on the stock price. Mac computers are third in the ranking.
        "Here's an estimate for Microsoft.  I was surprised to see the impact Microsoft Office has on the stock price -- more than the Windows operating system.
        "You can click on a product (division) and get a forecast (trend line) of future performance. This may be a handy tool for investors in the market. In the upper left corner you can enter the name or symbol of a stock you're interested in to get information on the stock price.
        And, Jim, our eagle-eye reporter closes with, "Here is more information on Trefis."