Apple In-App Purchases

          Jim Hamm finds some interesting info.  "Here is an article summarizing the recent FTC ruling on children being able to make in-app purchases and perhaps ringing up a big $ cost. And here is an article by Consumer Reports wherein Google's Play Store allows the same thing, but no FTC involvement there. One wonders why?
        "If, say, you log in to Apple or Google to purchase an app or two, and enter your password, you want the password to remain open for a period of time so you can browse and make purchases without having to constantly reentering your password.

         When you're done, log out so your children -- or anyone else -- can't pick up your device and start making purchases. However, it seems the password remained in cache for a period of time after logging out, and would be available to anyone."
        Jim concludes with, "It seems to me Apple should have corrected this cache problem much quicker, and that the FTC should also look into Google Play store as well, and not just Apple."