Anti-Virus Protection

        "Does your Mac need virus protection?"  Jim Hamm gets our attention here.  "Lots of opinions on that question. An article from the MakeUseOf.Com newsletter (11/16/10) describes a new anti-virus program from Sophos, a company based in the United Kingdom. There was a short video in the newsletter that didn’t come through with this email. If interested, perhaps you could watch it on their website. I’ve also included a link where describes two other anti-virus programs for the Mac: PC Tools and ClamXav.
        "So far I haven’t used an anti-virus program on my Mac, but I’m keeping an open mind on the issue. I don’t really want another program running all the time, and something else to keep updated. But, I don’t want a virus either, or be directed to a website that puts malware on my Mac. As I understand the protection native to the Mac’s OS X, nothing can be installed without you specifically allowing it to be installed. However, if one is misdirected to a malicious website—one different than the one you thought you were going to—perhaps that could be a problem.
        "I’ll keep an open mind and be cautious on what I install."