Anti-Virus Programs Examined

        Jim Hamm tells us more about AV , Anti-Virus programs, "There are several companies or persons that test various antivirus programs and publish the results. Which AV program is the best? Well, that depends on the type of test, when the test was done, how current is the AV program on loading virus signatures, and other variables. The results vary, and many question (perhaps rightly so) whether to run an AV program on a Mac at all? 

        "Out of curiosity, I enjoy reading about these tests just to see what the testers have to say. I may learn something useful. Following is an AV test performed by a Thomas Reed. The test results are shown in a PDF file, which can be downloaded and viewed from the link  and see
        Jim reviews his decision, "As I've written previously, I use the free Avast AV program on my Macs and a PC. Avast has worked fine for me, and I'll stick with it. It came out first in the above test, but it doesn't always do so. Determining the 'best' AV program is a nebulous project at best, it seems to me."