Airplay Mirrors Your Laptop to TV

        Airplay, one of the new features in Mountain Lion, will mirror your laptop to your TV through Apple TV.  John Carter sends this link to an article to explain Airplay.  

         John explained, I have a 70" TV, so I can sit 10 feet away and it will look no smaller than my MacBook Pro two feet away from my face.
        "All the websites that talk about Apple TV haven't given me enough information in a real world way that made me feel good about spending $100, so I just bit the bullet and bought it as a trial. I then learned very quickly how easy it was to set up (for me). Most people I know would have thrown it across the room almost right away. And now the problem I have is that I can't find the tiny remote.”
        Will you demo this for PMUG? “No, a TV is needed and one with an HDMI input.”