Adobe Flash Caution

        This is just in from Jim Hamm,  "FWIW, a few moments ago I got an alert on a web page (a music-listening site) that I needed to update to Flash 12 immediately -- important!  I looked at the website for this notice and it said -- as I recall -- "Quixter", or something like that. Anyway, I didn't click the update link but instead went to Adobe's website and had them check the Flash I had installed on the browser I was using at the time (Opera Next). Flash was up to date.

        "Interesting how creatively the hackers use Adobe Flash to try and get a hook into one's computer. I don't ever click any update link that comes in a pop-up in the browser -- I always go directly to the website."  Jim 
        ( OK, did you know what FWIW means?  Look up )