Acronis True Image 2016

For your possible interest, here is a special offer to purchase the subject computer backup program at a special price: one for $25 or four for $60. The Acronis program is available for a PC or a Mac. This would make a nice Christmas gift for someone. I've used Acronis for years on my PC (and it works fine) but haven't tried it yet on my Mac. I've used Super Duper for an image backup on my Mac, but may give Acronis a try. The pricing is certainly great.

I've known Gene Barlow for years, and he and his wife are very reputable and nice people, so have no concern in ordering from them. I'm not on any commission or remuneration basis with Gene (he doesn't know I'm sending this out). I'm just referring this offer to you since I think it is a good deal, and a good way to backup your computer -- which, I think, is a very good idea.

Jim Hamm