About WeTransfer

        Thanks to David Passell for this next info.  He writes, "Hi: Here is an interesting site to explore. It allows you to send files up to 2GB to a central site (probably in the Netherlands, but maybe in San Francisco) with up to 20 E-mail recipients. The E-mail message(s) are about 15K.
        The name is below in 'From:' What should happen if you click on 'Download' will be the loading of a 350MB or so file which contains a quick-time movie of me installing an anti-virus program onto XP that I had running under Parallels.

        Depending on how fast your internet connection is, the download will take from 10 - 30 minutes. Now for anybody who wants to use this free program, the following I found by experience.
        1. The upload speed of my ISP (yours may be different) is around 1/5 of the download speed. Therefore, be armed with patience. It took over five hours for me to upload the file. (This seems a not-mentioned limitation of any site that enables you to upload your stuff.)
        2. It is not OS dependent, and should work with MAC, Windows, or Linux; but it requires your browser to have Flash-player. That leaves out iPads and OS 9 Macs. They say they are working on an 'html version' which will get around that problem.
        3. If you don't want to download my file, or try it with one of your own, just go to wetransfer.com and you will see a window similar to below that provides you with a place to select a file (folders don't work, and if you select more than one file you will send re with a .zip ), up to 20 email addresses, your own email address for confirmation messages, and a message you can attach to the email.
        4. After your file is uploaded (a progress 'circle' indicates percentage loaded) it will say Finish and you can leave the site, or you can send out additional files.

        5. The recipients will get a message like this screen shot .
        6. I chose to simply forward my message. However the recipients will receive a more elegant way to forward within the conclusion of the download.
        7. If my description is unclear, just go to the site and click on 'info' and/or 'blog' for more information.
        Credit to Kim Komando for the information about this website.