About the iPad Air

         Jim Hamm is now the "proud owner of a new iPad Air."  And he goes on to give us some interesting details.
         "I got to the Apple Store in Scottsdale about 7:45 am this morning (Friday, the first day of sale), and got at the end of the line -- about 30 people were ahead of me. Soon, more gathered behind me. At two minutes before 8 all the employes of the store came out and ran down the 'gauntlet' line, hollering and giving us high-fives. 
        "Then, we were paired up with an Apple Associate to start the purchase. Once that was consummated we were assigned to another 'set-up' person who helped us get everything set up on the new 'Pad.' It all went quickly, except I had a problem switching over my cellular plan with AT&T from my iPad 2 to my new iPad Air. AT&T actually had a representative in the store and she finally got the issue resolved.

        "Once I returned to our condo all my app icons were on my new iPad, but they all had to be downloaded and installed again -- all 102 of them. OK, got that done. Connected the iPad to my MacBook Air and copied 2,284 songs from iTunes to the new iPad. Again, didn't take long. Couple more tweaks in settings and I'm finally ready to start using the iPad Air."
        Well, Jim, how's it going now?  
        "First impression? I like it, and the big noticeable difference is the lighter weight than my iPad 2. I bought Apple's new leather case for it and like it. It is nice leather, soft to the touch, and thin, in keeping with the weight loss of the iPad Air. 
        "For a while I compared the iPad Air with my iPad 2 side by side. Compared the screens, how fast websites would load in each, etc. Conclusion? Not a significant difference between the two. Nominally, the iPad Air has a faster processor, but in actual use I couldn't tell an appreciable difference. But I suspect loading of apps and transferring songs probably went quicker due to the faster processor. The sound quality of the speakers on the iPad Air are much better, and actually have a pleasant sound. I like listening to music so this is a plus."
        And Jim closes with this,  "If someone has the iPad 2, 3 or 4 and asked me if they should upgrade to the new iPad Air? I'd say probably not. The lighter weight is nice, but hard to tell a difference in everything else. Do I regret upgrading? No, I'm pleased with it and like exploring new devices and programs. As I use it more and find anything worth commenting on, I'll mention it in a later post."