A Serious Scam

Scammers did some serious stuff, running ads on the website of The New York Times. Jim Hamm sends us this link, and comments, "The scammers are getting ever more creative in getting into your computer. This article doesn't mention whether it affects only PCs or also Macs." Scroll down the page to read comments on this problem and how it has affected some users.

A Google search just now turns up this info specifically about Macs. Brian Krebs writes "Patches for Macs, and Advice for Mac Users." He advises, "In short, if you're a Mac user and you see one of these rogue anti-virus pop-ups, remain calm, close out your browser, and restart it. If the attacking site manages to download a '.exe' file to your Mac, just toss it in the trash." Read his whole article from The Washington Post here.
Now we have additional input from Jim Hamm. In tidbits.com see the article, "New York Times Web Site Compromised: How to Stay Safe." Then go to this link for "Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software."