A Potluck Reminds Us . . .

          "Let's say your neighborhood has a potluck, pitch-in, dinner every month," begins Jim Hamm.  Ah, yes, we can identify with that!  
         He continues, "You faithfully show up, enjoy the food and camaraderie, but never contribute any food. Would you do that? I don't think so. The same with PMUG. It's nice to come to the meetings and hear what someone else has prepared for you. But it's also nice for you to chip in now and then also."
        Now we guess Jim's talking about the coming PMUG election.  Don't want to be Prez?  OK, but how about volunteering to give a presentation to the group?   The same advice he extends to anyone reading this newsblog.  Help out your local Mac group. We all have something to share and something more to learn.