A History of the Macintosh

        David Passell forwards this info on a "different history of the Macintosh."  He describes the 54-minute film and explains the complications of viewing of it with two different computers."The independent production, MacHeads, gives a different history of the Macintosh. It was made in 2008 shortly after the introduction of the iPhone. It contains the good, the bad, and the ugly about Mac and some of the characters involved. The end somewhat laments the decline of the camaraderie of User Groups and the de-emphasis on computer in favor of corporate Apple. Perhaps this is why a recent (ZDnet) announcement on Apple's direction mentions 'back to the Mac.' (There is a disclaimer at the end that Apple, Inc. is in no way connected with or sponsored the movie.) "Every 15 minutes or so the movie will be suddenly interrupted by a 15 second Allstate Commercial. This is typical of FREE streaming movie/network rerun sites I have become familiar with. "Since I have gotten a really fast internet connection (10Mb), movies and network reruns don't stutter on my MINI (2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/2GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM). However, be warned. All of the commercials for various high speed services neglect to tell you that the fastest service in the world will not do you any good on a lesser computer. "For example, I attempted to watch it on my iMAC (400 MHz PowerPC G3, 512 MB SDRAM). It was like watching a slide show with sound narration. I also had to force quit the browser (Safari 4.1.1) to get rid of it. Somebody who knows more than I do may know how to download/save the movie and watch it later, since I watched a DVD somewhat smoothly (until it encountered an 'error'). "Anyway, watch MacHeads and see what you think). Here is the link; if it doesn't open, paste it into your browser."