A Great Deal on Parallels -- Act Quickly

        Save money!  Now that we have your attention here's the deal on Parallels.  John Carter writes, "Parallels is having a one day sale on Black Friday: Parallels 7 Desktop for Mac for only $49.99. But this sale is for current users only. For non-users, the sale price is $59.99. If you are a user of Parallels 6, you can get the upgrade for $39.99. See http://www.parallels.com/ for details.
        "So, if you have been interested in purchasing Parallels for your Mac but have been balking at the $79.99 price, now’s your chance to take advantage of me as a current user.
        "How does this work? If you really want a copy, send me an email before 10 PM Friday night and I’ll place an order for you. You pay me back on delivery.   If you have any questions about Parallels, don’t hesitate to ask."  Send John an email at webmaster@pmug.us
        To clarify, John adds, "The offer for Parallels 7 at $49.99 is one only to a customer. So if I get more than one response, it will be first come, first served."