RBdigital Magazines

Here is a topic that might be of interest, especially if you enjoy reading magazines. Recently I learned of a new -- new to me, anyway -- program one could use to read library magazines online: RBdigital Magazines. Info here: https://www.rbdigital.com/help/magazines-faq

I tried it first through a browser, and it worked reasonably well, but it would take a couple of seconds for each page to load after I turned a page. I think all those pixels were being downloaded and one would need a fast internet connection to fill the pages quickly. Then Zee told me that an app is available from Apple's App Store. I downloaded the app to my iPad and started reading the current issue of National Geographic Magazine. There was an article I wanted to read about how climate change is affecting the far north -- not well, as I found out. An informative article worth reading.

The app worked great, and there was no lag time when I turned the page, after reading another article. I suppose all the pixels had been downloaded with the magazine. The magazine page was as large as my iPad, and the print was easy to read. There were three pages of magazine titles available to be read from the library, and each page must have had 20 or so magazines listed. A wonderful app, and highly recommended. The app is available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

If your library doesn't have this program available, I understand one can get a Scottsdale Library card by visiting a Scottsdale Library, show them your drivers license, and then you can get a card. You might have to be a resident of Maricopa County, though. You can check with the library to find out, if this might be of interest.

Jim Hamm