Goggle Privacy

You probably know that Google records most everything you do using a Google search. I was surprised to learn, for example, when Amazon sends me a receipt for my purchase, Google faithfully keeps a copy for its own records. Here are some articles describing ways to reduce or eliminate this intrusion of your privacy.

Google privacy. Here is an article discussing all that Google records about you, and how you can manually reduce some of what has been recorded. Looks to be somewhat of a tedious project to manually delete data that's been stored on your activities.

Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine. Read here

Use Startpage as your search engine. Read here

Use the BraveBrowser. Read here

I do realize and appreciate how helpful Google can be when I'm looking for something and use their search engine. And, of course, somehow this has to be paid for, and ads -- and subsequent purchases -- are what keeps Google and websites functioning and 'free'. Well, free to some degree. We still pay a price in the tracking and recording of what we do on the web.

As far as I know, I haven't been harmed by Google keeping track of everything I do over the years, but I also can't say I appreciate Google doing that. I, and you, have some options to reduce this tracking.

Jim Hamm