Home Page in Safari

If you should have a problem with Safari opening a home page that you don't want, read the following note from a friend. Safari kept opening 'Yahoo' as the home page, which she didn't want. She found a solution, and I am posting this FYI and possible help someday.

Jim Hamm

"I think I solved my problem. I happened to look at Safari advanced preferences and noticed the box for stopping plugins was checked. Sometimes I have issues with not being able to open a file because Safari has blocked the plug in. So I unchecked it thinking maybe I'll be able to open such files in the future.
Turns out when I launched Safari again the Yahoo search page did not appear. So I went back to Safari prefs and changed my homepage. Yay! abc15.com now shows up at launch.
Still don't know why I had the Yahoo issue, but glad I can have my preferred home page and Google as my search engine."