Check Sender Email addresses for Spam Messages

If you get any email where the sender email address ends in .pw, ignore it, no matter how legitimate is seems.

From the above link:

These are the top ten subject lines from .pw URL spam over the last two days:

• Subject: How to sell your Timeshare
• Subject: Reusable K Cup for Keurig or single-brew coffee maker
• Subject: Reusable single-brew coffee cup you can fill with your coffee blend.
• Subject: Are your home possessions covered in case of a  catastrophe?
• Subject: Elmo's Learning Adventure Gift Package
• Subject: Make Learning Fun - With Elmo & the Sesame Street Gang!
• Subject: Are your appliances and home systems covered?
• Subject: Refinance Today, Save Tomorrow
• Subject: Nothing is more EFFECTIVE for High Blood Pressure
• Subject: Mortgage Rates

And add this one that I just got today: Final Notice

John R Carter Sr