iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad

My wife and I updated our iPhone X’s and iPads to iOS 12 this morning. It took quite a while

to do the download, and we have a fast internet connection. Neither of us could make a

phone call after the update, so shut down our iPhones, restarted, and all was well.

Haven’t really checked other changes out, but am looking forward to trying out the new (old?) 

way to close Running apps. The following article by David Pogue has more detail.

Jim Hamm


iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad: 50 tweaks, 6 home runs

Wait, is this September? Why, yes—yes it is! And you know what that means: Time for another free, annual release of iOS 12, Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads. Phone OS upgrades these days rarely introduce blockbuster, routine-changing …

Source: Yahoo! News