Apple Wireless Ear Buds

Do you have a pair of those very expensive wireless ear buds? If so, then you’re probably also wondering just how much power they use. I started with a fully charged pair and watched an hour long video with great sound coming through the ear buds. Then, when I opened the case and inserted the ear buds, I noticed a new graphic pop up on my iPad screen. With the case open and the ear buds inserted, it was showing me the amount of charge left on the ear buds and on the case. The ear buds were showing 94% charge. Now that’s not bad for a one hour video. And the case was showing 74% charge - and that was after topping off the charge on the ear buds.

So how do you find out when the ear buds have depleted their charge? Simple! First one ear bud stops working, and then soon after the other one stops working. And you’ll also notice that the quality of the sound - when talking on the phone - gets a little weird.

The ear buds can be programmed to respond to a double tap, and each one can be programmed for a different command. For instance, double-tapping on the right bud can answer a phone call and then hang up, or, if not answering a phone call, it will raise Siri. Double-tapping on the left bud can advance to the next song in your playlist - when you’re playing music, or, like with the right bud, will raise Siri if you’re not listening to music.

John R Carter, Sr.