Eliminating Notifications on your iPhone and iPad

Maybe you are wondering where all those notifications are coming from on your iPhone or iPad. You know, those annoying banners that pop up and then disappear quickly. If you look in Settings->Notifications and then scroll through the apps there, you see something like this (your app name may differ):


These settings are default. Every time you add a new app, these are the settings. The Badges, by the way, are those numbers you sometimes see in a red circle in the upper right corner of an app icon in the Home screen.

To avoid seeing the pop-up banners, you need to disable them here. In fact, for some of your apps, you might not care to see any kind of notification. You can disable all of them by tapping on the control for “Allow Notifications.”

You might want to look through all of the apps here and decide which ones you want to see notifications, banners, and/or badges.

When you open an app that has notifications disabled, you might see a pop-up notice letting you know that notifications are disabled for that app. You can choose to then tap on “Settings” in that notice to then enable notifications - or just tap on “Cancel” to ignore the notice.

For detailed information on Notifications and how to manage alerts, see this link:


John R Carter, Sr.