New Tricks for Your AirPods

If you have an iOS device and a pair of Apple's AirPods, and might be a bit hard of hearing, read this article. Especially look at the first tip about using the AirPods and the iOS device (lets say it's an iPhone). You can use these devices as a hearing aid. Zee just tried it, and it really works (although she's not hard of hearing -- she wanted to try it out for her sister who is very hard of hearing).

If, say, you're watching TV, turn on your iPhone (or iPad), put the AirPods in, and the iPhone picks up the sound from the TV and transmits it via Bluetooth to the AirPods. Sounds come through great, Zee says. She was trying it out with our TV, walked to the front bedroom (where I was) and said she could still hear the TV clearly. I could hear a faint sound from the TV, but couldn't make out words. I didn't have AirPods on, though.

Lets say you go to lunch with friends. The restaurant is noisy, you can't hear conversations very well. Turn the iPhone on, place it on the table, put on your AirPods, and, voila!, you can hear.

I think this combo will be great news for people who are hearing-impaired, and much cheaper than hearing aids. I've got to say -- I'm impressed.

Jim Hamm