Right to Repair

If you buy, say, an iPhone and it should need repair, should you have the right to have it repaired anywhere, and not just at an Apple store? Or, if you have a printer that needs an ink refill, should you be able to purchase and use a recycled/refilled cartridge? 

Well, the Supreme Court says yes.  Read here. In a laughable and ridiculous argument, read what John Deere argued: 

"In 2015, the company made the case to the U.S. Copyright Office that individuals who buy their tractors don’t actually own them, but are licensing them from the company and thus don’t have the right to do their own maintenance." 

How about the books and music you've downloaded? Do you own them, or merely lease them? Here's an article with more info on this subject.

Anyway, thank goodness the Supreme Court ruling is in the user's favor.

Jim Hamm