How a Solid State Drive Works

Should you have an interest, here is an article that gives a good explanation of how an SSD (Solid State Drive) works. One aspect of an SSD is that it has a finite number of times it can be written to -- which, realistically, isn't going to be a concern to most of us. Having said that, though, one thing I hadn't considered is that every time one uses the 'hibernate' function on a computer, this is a write function and reduces somewhat the life cycle of the SSD.

I've been doing this on my PC running Windows 10, but the hibernate function isn't available on my Mac laptop, running macOS Sierra. Both units have an SSD, but the hibernate function isn't supported natively on the Mac -- perhaps for the consideration of not adding extra write cycles to the SSD.

If you're going to be purchasing a new computer -- and especially a laptop, which is subject to movement and jarring --  I highly recommend getting an SSD. Yes, more expensive, but worth it, in my opinion.

Jim Hamm