Keeping Records as a PDF File

I like to keep records of my monthly bank and credit card statements as a PDF file on my computer. It’s been really handy to be able to go back to review transactions. The one issue that I have with the monthly statements that I download is that there are always several pages in the PDF file that are quite useless to keep.

To trim the unnecessary pages from a PDF document, open the document with Preview. In the View menu, select Thumbnails (if not already selected). Select the pages (from the Thumbnails) that you want to delete. Then select Edit -> Delete in the menu bar.

You can also rearrange pages of a PDF file by dragging a Thumbnail image into a new position.

Did you scan a document and one of the pages is in the wrong orientation? You can rotate a page by selecting the Thumbnail image, then click on Tools -> Rotate Left (or Tools -> Rotate Right) in the menu bar.

I often need to fill in a form or add notes to a PDF document. Click on the Markup icon 


and then click on the Text icon 

to add a text box which will show up smack in the middle of the document.


Click on the word ’Text’ to change the content of the text box. It will resize automatically as you enter text. You can also click on one of the blue dots to change the size of the box.

Change the font type, size, color and justification by clicking on the ‘A’ icon (to change the existing text, it must be highlighted):

Click outside the text box to finish the entry.

To drag the text box to an appropriate position, hover over the text box until the mouse pointer turns into a hand. Click and hold to drag the entire text box.

John Carter