Kaspersky Anti-Virus (AV)

You quite possibly use an AV program on your computer, as I do. Recently there's been lots of news about the possible hacking of our Presidential voting system by the Russians, which they deny. But this got me to thinking about a popular AV program, which is Russian-based: Kaspersky Lab.

I've not used Kaspersky AV, but it has a good reputation, especially in AV tests. I did a little research into whether one should/should not use a Russian-based AV program. Here is one article I found, which has a definite opinion on the question. And here is one more article, from NPR, which uses Kaspersky programs, and noted that Kaspersky is a sponsor of some NPR programs. 

Internet research on this question will turn up many other articles discussing the subject. My take so far: given the relationship between Kaspersky Lab and the Russian government, it is recognized that the possibility of a nefarious collusion exists, but nothing indicates that one now exists.

My intent was not to stir up any negative thoughts about Kaspersky AV, but just to get a feeling for people's opinions on the question. Just food for thought.

Jim Hamm