MacMost Tutorials for Sale

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MacMost is selling his tutorials through

The Mac tutorials found in Udemy can be discovered using this link.

There’s only one day left to take advantage of the discounts in Udemy. The prices are very low. has many courses for the Mac, and all are on sale with some at 90% off for a limited time. MacMost is offering his basic course at $14.95. Here’s the scoop:

Productivity is a complete course with 50 videos and more than 4 hours of instruction that will teach you you to work more efficiently on your Mac. I’ll show you built-in macOS shortcuts and power-user functions to manage files, organize the items on your screen, work in apps, use software tools and automate tasks.

The course covers topics such as keyboard shortcuts, Mission Control, the Notes and Reminders apps, techniques in Mail, Contacts and Safari, several Automator examples and third-party product recommendations. Each lesson is about how to do something better, more efficiently or more productively on your Mac.

Use this link to get this special discount. This introductory offer will only last until the end of next week. You can sign up now and complete the course at any time.

If you do not have a account, you can you create one for free. There is an app for Udemy for iOS and OSX. 

John Carter